Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Training Program

General Objective

The CIBERINFECC Training Program's main objective is to promote training in the field of Infectious disease pathology, especially for young researchers, to train future leaders in the field of infectious diseases.

It is a transversal program given the breadth of the area of knowledge it covers and the multidisciplinary nature of the research groups that make up this consortium.

Specific objectives: Activities

A program of activities will be worked on that allows to:

  • Keep knowledge up-to-date in the field of Infectious disease pathology in thematic areas such as Global Health, emerging and re-emerging infections, antimicrobial resistance, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, infections in non-HIV immunosuppressed patients and healthcare-associated infections.
  • Promote workshops and courses related to technical or methodological aspects that can provide the necessary tools to improve research in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Organize activities to share the research of the members of the CIBERINFEC groups and promote synergies.
  • Encourage the mobility of intra- and extra CIBERINFEC researchers facilitating, on the one hand, the acquisition of new competences that can be established within each group and, on the other hand, fostering collaborations between the different CIBER groups and with groups from other centers carrying out research in the same field.
  • Support the training of young researchers by promoting the consolidation of their professional career in infectious diseases.
  • Create and maintain an open forum among all researchers in which they can express their concerns or propose activities benefitting the joint development of the consortium.