Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Antimicrobial resistance

General Objective

The objective of this program is the study of antimicrobial resistance with a translational orientation that contributes to improved knowledge in order to control its emergence, dissemination and its consequences, as well as to improve the prognosis of patients suffering from infections caused by resistant microorganisms. The development of this program is also carried out within a One Health and Global Health perspective.

Specific objectives: lines of research

  • Surveillance and monitoring of antimicrobial resistance: epidemiology and clinical impact.
  • Molecular bases, expression and response of microorganisms to antimicrobials; relationship between virulence and resistance.
  • Population structure of multi-resistant microorganisms, evolutionary trajectories and selection and dissemination models.
  • Microbiological diagnosis: detection of resistance mechanisms and multi-resistant microorganisms.
  • Development of new antimicrobials, novel alternatives and rescue of forgotten antimicrobials.
  • Treatment of infections caused by resistant microorganisms.
  • Intervention and prevention strategies. Programs for optimizing antimicrobial use (PROA).