Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Mission and objectives


The mission of CIBERINFEC is to contribute to the improvement of health in society by reducing the negative impact of infectious diseases on the individual health of people and on the general health status of the population. To achieve this, we promote and lead cooperative research of excellence in this discipline, promoting innovation, training, multidisciplinarity, and the translation of scientific results into clinical practice.


  • Create a stable network research structure, of national and international reference, to promote research of excellence in infectious diseases.
  • Promote research aimed at solving the main problems related to infectious diseases that affect the Spanish population.
  • Foster cooperative and multidisciplinary research between the CIBERINFEC groups, but also with groups from other thematic areas of CIBER, as well as with other national and international research actors in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Promote the search for both public and private funding for research on infectious diseases. In particular, enhance the participation of CIBERINFEC research groups in international research activities.
  • Encourage the incorporation of new technologies in research to advance personalized and precision medicine in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Promote the transfer of research results to society: biomedical industry, health administration, general population and any other sectors related to infectious diseases.
  • Disseminate to society the main advances produced in research on infectious diseases.